What would be possible if we all joined forces? How can we foster a strong, cohesive, and flourishing feminist movement? Can we action our belief that law reform is for everyone?

The Chanterelle Alliance for Feminist Law Reform was born of these reflections. At the initiative of the National Association of Women and the Law and Luke’s Place, over a dozen feminist and equality-seeking organizations with law reform experience joined forces to create this project. We now want you to join us.

What we are working towards

The Chanterelle Alliance for feminist law reform will create the opportunity to foster greater coordination among feminist and equality-seeking organizations in advocating for systemic changes to laws, programs and systems that impact women at all levels of government.  

Members of The Chanterelle Alliance will work side by side to leverage our collective messaging to decision-makers, lawmakers, the public and the media. Together, we will advance a robust, proactive women’s substantive equality agenda, in such areas as gender-based violence, women’s socio-economic rights, and access to health and justice.  

 The work of The Chanterelle Alliance will be framed by intersectional feminist principles, with an emphasis on anti-racism, anti-oppression and a sincere commitment to reconciliation. We will work together to ensure Canadian laws and policies protect all women in Canada, including women marginalized due to their race, Indigeneity, religion, disability, gender expression, sexual orientation and immigration status.

Is this Alliance for you?

Is your organization already engaged in law reform, be it at the municipal, provincial, federal, international or First Nations level? Or, does your organization want to build capacity in that field to become stronger at influencing lawmakers? Do you want to participate in local and national advocacy campaigns and put pressure on government and decisionmakers until we achieve our collective goal of equality for all?

If so, you should join the Alliance. What you will get:

  • Knowledge: Access to law reform resources shared by organizations with extensive law reform experience
  • Community: Access to a community of feminist and equality-seeking member organizations who share goals, pull resources, act as allies to one another, and join forces to create campaigns.
  • Change: We are stronger together. By forming coalitions around specific goals—be it at the national level or with organizations closer to you—we can get effect real change in law and policies.

Where we are at

The Chanterelle Alliance was launched very recently. We are now actively recruiting members. Join us by filling this form.

Advisory Group

Action Canada for Sexual Health & Rights | Action Canada pour la santé et les droits sexuels

Action Canada for Sexual Health & Rights is a progressive, human rights based charitable organization committed to advancing and upholding sexual and reproductive health and rights in Canada and globally.

We are an organization that works in Canada and around the world to promote health, wellbeing, and rights related to sexuality and reproduction. Building on the 50-year legacy of the organizations that formed Action Canada, we provide direct support, referrals, and information to the people who need it most, partner with groups and organizations on a range of campaigns using a collaborative, movement-building approach, and work with decision-makers to advance progressive policies on access to abortion, stigma-free healthcare, gender equality, 2SLGBTQIA+ rights, and inclusive sex-ed.

Action Canada is: the Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada, Canadians for Choice, the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health, and Action Canada for Population and Development.

The Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women/L’Institut canadien de recherches sur les femmes (CRIAW-ICREF)

The Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women/L’Institut canadien de recherches sur les femmes (CRIAW-ICREF) is a national bilingual women’s rights organization dedicated exclusively to supporting and conducting feminist research. Since 1976, CRIAW-ICREF has researched and documented the economic and social situation of women in Canada. We make our research available and accessible for public advocacy and education.

CRIAW-ICREF uses feminist, intersectional frameworks in all its research and analyses, and creates research guides and tools to assist other organizations with feminist intersectional research, analysis, and action to advance social justice and equality for all women. Check out our research on our website www.criaw-icref.ca

Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) | Le conseil canadien des femmes musulmanes (CCFM)

The Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) is a national not-for-profit organization whose overarching mission is to ensure the equality, equity and empowerment of Muslim women. The story of CCMW begins in 1982 when a group of dynamic and devoted Muslim women from across Canada congregated in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Led by the late Dr. Lila Fahlman, these women sought to mobilize their passion for social justice and faith in order to enrich their communities and work towards the common good of Canadian society. For over 35 years, CCMW has proudly advocated on behalf of Canadian Muslims, encouraged civic engagement, empowered communities and promoted inter-cultural and inter-religious understanding. For more information, please visit: www.ccmw.com

Luke's Place

Luke’s Place is an award-winning non-profit centre of excellence devoted solely to improving the safety and experience of women and their children as they proceed through the complex family court system after fleeing an abusive relationship. We provide direct services to upwards of one thousand Ontario women and their children each year and share our expertise with thousands of service providers across Canada through training, resources, and mentoring.

We work with academics to conduct research and collaborate widely to advocate for improved access to justice for women and their children. The Ministry of the Attorney General (MAG) designed the provincial Family Court Support Worker (FCSW) program based on our service delivery model and for nine years under MAG Luke’s Place trained FCSWs and moderated the online resource hub www.lukesplacetraining.ca. The FCSW program transitioned from MAG to The Ministry of Children Community and Social Services (MCCSS) in 2022, and Luke’s Place continues to lead the program.

The National Association of Women and the Law | L'Association nationale Femmes et Droit (NAWL/ANFD)

The National Association of Women and the Law (NAWL) works to achieve substantive equality and the realization of human rights for all women in Canada through legal education, research, strategic intervention, coalition work and feminist law reform advocacy, particularly at the federal level.

We’re proud to have had, since our founding in 1974, a major role in achieving significant milestones for Canadian women’s equality. Our feminist legal analysis and advocacy have impacted countless laws and policies across the country — most notably in relation to the Canadian Human Rights Act and Sections 15 and 28 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Today, we continue to write briefs and discussions papers, appear before Parliamentary and Senate committees, and meet with decisionmakers to influence the law making process on current and emerging feminist law reform priorities.

Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF)

The Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF) is a national not-for-profit that works to advance the equality rights of women, girls, trans, and non-binary people in Canada through litigation, law reform, and public legal education. Since 1985, LEAF has intervened in more than 130 cases that have helped shape the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. To find out more, visit www.leaf.ca.

Women's Shelters Canada

Women's Shelters Canada brings together 16 provincial and territorial shelter organizations representing over 600 shelters across Canada. We provide a strong, unified, pan-Canadian voice on the issue of violence against women. With our voice, we help increase awareness to ensure that policies, legislation and regulations are informed by the experiences and insights of our members, the provincial and territorial shelter networks.

Regroupement des maisons pour femmes victimes de violence conjugale

Le Regroupement des maisons pour femmes victimes de violence conjugale constitue un vaste réseau résolument engagé, depuis 1979, pour le droit à l’intégrité physique et psychologique des femmes.

Il regroupe actuellement 46 maisons d’aide et d’hébergement réparties dans 15 régions administratives du Québec. Leur mission spécifique est de travailler avec et pour les femmes violentées afin que cette violence cesse. Les maisons travaillent au plan individuel et au plan collectif pour contrer la violence conjugale.

Les Femmes Michif Otipemisiwak

LFMO speaks as the national and international voice for the Women of the Métis Nation across the Métis Motherland, spanning Ontario westward to British Columbia. Les Femmes Michif Otipemisiwak aims to consult, promote, and represent the personal, spiritual, social, cultural, political, and economic interests and aspirations of women and gender diverse people.

DAWN Canada

DAWN Canada is a feminist, cross-disability human rights organization that works to address systems of oppression. We focus on addressing issues of disability through our four pillars of research, education, policy and advocacy and we amplify the voices of women across the gender spectrum through an intersectional lens.

DAWN’s mandate is to end the poverty, isolation, discrimination and violence experienced by women and gender-diverse people with disabilities and Deaf people on the gender spectrum living in Canada, as well as promote their advancement and inclusion by creating change at a systemic level.

The Enchanté Network

The Enchanté Network is a national beacon of connection, support, and empowerment for 2SLGBTQI+ organizations. We serve as the vital link that brings together over 200 pride centres and 2SLGBTQI+ service organizations across the expanse of Canada.